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Thank you - Merci

Grateful for each & everyone of you who took some time to write

a few words about how my sessions resonated with you!

Blessings to you all, Laëtitia

“ Where do I start! My life is changing every day since I had my [Soul Realignment] reading with you!

After you did my reading I think it was about 2 weeks after I signed up for level one.

My plan is to combine this with my spiritual coaching and mindfulness practitioner work (...) So I’m most definitely not “stuck” anymore! And this is partly down to you and your reading! I’m so grateful to you! (...)

The most amazing thing is that I’m happy! Happier than I’ve been in years, it’s actually bringing a tear to my eyes, and it’s every day this happiness!

I have done my husband’s reading (...) I feel such a deep understanding of him and that alone has changed our relationship for the better! So all in all I thank you, the little synchronicities, your Instagram account, if I hadn’t come across them I wouldn’t be in this amazing place now!!!

Sending you much love and gratitude."

Abigail H.

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