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"I am very happy that Laëtitia helped me with my Soul realignment. It was a wonderful moment that I enjoyed a lot! She is an amazing person and she is very professional. Laëtitia really understood me and has been attentive to all my questions. She takes the time to explain everything in detail which was really important to me. I totally recommend her services!
Thanks a lot!"

Melissa Falcou

"Just had the most incredible and transformative session with Laëtitia!!
Thank you so much for unlocking what I felt bottled up inside of me. I feel like I can breathe again!!!!"

Vannessa Williams

"I really enjoyed my Soul Realignment session with Laëtitia. She explains very well, it is easy to understand what she says; she listens carefully and has good advice.
This akashic record reading helped me realize a few things about myself and about my past, which will allow me to move on and not replicate the same negative patterns.
I really liked this first experience and I'm interested in learning more and explore further. I will certainly get back in touch with Laëtitia for a future session.
Thank you very much!"

Pierre-Olivier Leuck

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Laëtitia is a person who knows how to instill confidence. I consulted her for a Soul Realignment session at first and was blown away by the quality of her study, which made total sense with my past and my present. Seduced by this session, I requested a Property Realignment for our new house with no hesitation.
Her analysis is always relevant and the rendering she offers is always clearly transcribed. She is a generous person with both her time & talent.
I recommend her 100%!
Thank you to her for sharing her gift."

Elodie Arbib

"I had Laëtitia do my Soul Profile reading as I wanted to get better understanding of who I am at Soul level. I was quite surprised with the findings as I did not expect to be a starseed. The information on my Divine Blueprint really helped me understand myself better. It answered a lot of questions around why I do things a certain way. This gives me now a better idea around what I should focus on in order to fully connect to my higher self. Thank you Laëtitia.
Keep up the great work!"

Ana Bozovic

"I enjoyed my Soul Profile session with Laëtitia. It was informative and very timely. She explained to me things in detail and provided materials after the session. I recommend her services to all."

Dilya Mavlanova

Testimonials: Testimonials

" I have delved into finding my true self on such a deeper level since our conversation. I feel so empowered by the knowledge you gave me. I have done a lot of research into traits of Arcturians' and they all ring so true to myself. Firstly, I have known for a while I have magic within me (...) but feeling the Arcturian energy within me, meditating on that, having that knowing, it has been AMAZING for me. I will be in touch regarding the next step when I can but for now, I simply would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your insight and knowledge. True grateful".

Samantha Horgan

"I highly recommend Laëtitia. She is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed  the reading and am looking forward to working with her in the future."

Amanda DuPont

"Laëtitia the owner of this Unleash Your SoulShine services has been so attentive to help her clients. Her advice is so right on spot and welcoming for sharing personal issues without any judgement. She was reading for my deceased father's Soul. However when I shared my issue that was unrelated to the Soul reading, she was so easy to talk to and helpful with information. Thank you Laëtitia for your advice."


Testimonials: Testimonials

"This!!!! This!!! This IS what I was missing to honor myself and the people around me. I have been able to discover a path that leads to my incarnation. I understand more of me!! I have higher self-control than I've ever had. I love myself more. I understand me more.
This feeling is indescribable! Most pure feeling I have experienced.
I had a Soul reading and Realignment for myself. Great discovery!
I also had my son's Soul read. This folks, was the most beautiful thing! I can mother better, I can understand him better. Interesting, is we share the same Soul group!
I had the most professional experience and felt so comfortable with Laëtitia. It's truly been an honor to have her read our Akashic records. She continues to assist as I clear my blocks and surrender myself to a new me. Thank you!"

Stephanie Kramer

"A couple of months ago I had a Soul Realignment Session. The session explains a lot about your Soul and your true path and gives an answer to what, in my case, I had been asking myself for a long time. Laëtitia is super professional, her voice is reassuring and she is always kind and helpful, before, during and even after the session.
Super recommended!"

Maida Marino

Testimonials: Testimonials
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