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Relationship Reading

2 Akashic record readings in 1

  • 3 hr
  • US$333 US dollars
  • Skype audio call

Service Description

This session can be done between you and your spouse, romantic partner, parents, siblings, children, friends, business partners etc. > It covers the shared karma and past lives between 2 Souls. Have you ever wondered about your Soul-level history with your loved-ones? How many past lives have you shared (if any)? Is it a brand new relationship? What negative karmic patterns are part of the relationship dynamic, which you trigger within each other? Are there any Soul contract with each other or possibly a third-party? Is there a life lesson associated with the relationship and if so, which one and how does it show up? What other karmic blocks affect this particular relationship and all your relationships? ... If this is your first Akashic Record reading with me, we'll first do a quick Soul profile for both Souls, checking your Soul group of origin and main energetic qualities. Please note that this reading does not cover the full Soul Profiles, only the basics. > You can book such a reading for yourself and authorize it for your spouse and your minor children aged 3 months to 17 years old. > For any other adult, we will need THEIR authorization to check their side of the relationship. ⚠ This reading can nonetheless be done with an adult you have no authorization over (estranged adult child, ex partner, old friend etc), in which case we simply look at the relationship from YOUR spiritual perspective, not theirs. Their karmic blocks in regards of the relationship will NOT be accessed, nor will the clearing work be done in their records, only in yours. Understanding which karmic blocks affect your relationship can bring clarity and healing. It provides you with an opportunity for stepping into your Divine self-expression. (Please note that this is not a session to get an ex partner back, this is not what this is about). I'll present this reading to you (and the person you chose, if so you wish) on a Skype audio call. Then I will email you the link of the recording. No readings will be performed on minors without their parents' or legal guardian's authorization.

Cancellation Policy

Please let me know at least 48 hours in advance if you would like to reschedule your session.

Contact Details

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