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Cords & Hooks Clearing

  • 30 min
  • US$44 US dollars
  • Email report

Service Description

Cords & Hooks are energetic connections that allow one Soul to draw Vital Force Energy from another while both of them are currently incarnated. These 2 types of negative energetic connections are always present life. Cords are very common and often placed by love/sexual partners, spouses, friends, family members, co-workers, employees, etc. We do have to agree to receive a cord. It does not just insert and take root at one of our chakras. It can happen when we offer our help to someone, when we try to take responsibility for them. This allows another person to draw on our energetic resources. Hooks are a lot more invasive than cords and set up an attempt to manipulate and influence another person’s thoughts and/or feelings. A hook will allow a person to run an energetic program in the mental or emotional energy body of the receiver at a specific chakra. They take place when one person wants to “make us” think or feel the energy of the program; if we “buy into” this energy as our personal truth and make choices accordingly, this allows for the hook to attach. Hooks are often found within families, close friendships, and sexual relationships. Mere acquaintances cannot hook you. > From your Akashic records, we can check if any of these are currently affecting you, who the cord(s) or/and hook(s) originate from, to which one of your chakra they are attached to and since when. For a hook, we also check for the energetic program it is running. I'll then proceed to the clearing work in your record. This reading, as well as the clearing homework, will be sent in an email report. > You can book this session for yourself and authorize it for your spouse and your minor children aged 3 months to 17 years old. It can also be offered to any adult in your life, aged 18 and up. No readings will be performed on minors without their parents' or legal guardian's authorization.

Cancellation Policy

Please let me know at least 48 hours in advance if you would like to reschedule your session.

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